If you've already got a website and want an upgrade, or if it's a new website for an established business, this is the time to consider a Content Management System (CMS) website.

This Pack is designed for people and businesses who are ready to establish a solid foundation for their online ventures. Start here, and be in control of your website growth. If only a small single page website is needed, check out our Showcaser package.
Solid Foundation website pack will come with Basic Customisation Options for your website, so you can change things like text size, fonts used, colours and background images, etc... These options when combined, are capable of altering the way your website looks, to keep it fresh and updated.

Building your website on a CMS platform offers your business valuable benefits:

  • it is managed by you
  • it is up-gradable and secure
  • it is scalable to grow with your business
  • it is Theme based, allowing you to change the look of your website very easily.
  • and more...

Managing your own website content from a secure Administrator section, gives you the freedom to change and update your website content, without having to hire a developer for simple changes. Popular CMS platforms also have a large database of Plugins to further the capabilities of your website.

One CMS platform website can start with only a couple of pages with little content and scale up to hundreds of pages, complex menu hierarchy, commenting system, detailed user management and much more.
The freedom of direction is in your hands.