Staying on top of google search is a full-time job...and not everybody plays fair

With so many large companies (with deep pockets) pouring money into advertising with google, and mass producing soldier websites to boost their own rankings, it's almost impossible to be guaranteed first spot all of the time.
That top position on google search has turned into an ugly online battle, and far too often the methods used are cheats and manipulation of the search algorithm.

The sad reality is that if you do not have the money and resources at your disposal, you simply cannot compete with the larger companies... but that doesnt mean you can't hit high rankings at all. You just need to be strategic and willing to put in some time and effort in learning the tools at your disposal.

Paid Marketing

Google AdWords is probably one of the best and most effective avenues to consider, if you need to be found quickly. Google AdWords doesn't aid your SEO specifically, it is paid advertising, for Google to feature you above regular search results, should the criteria meet your ad's targeted keywords.