Custom Designs

We dont have a set of Pre-Designed content that you choose from, all of our designs are custom made from ground up to each customer's needs. All of our New Design work come with a number of initial design concepts, from which you can choose. Then we work on changes and amendments until you are happy with the final design. We can even help you find a printer who will do a quality job and deliver to your door.

Restaurant Menu

Produce any type of menu for restaurants, cafes, bistros and hotels, from large 'stand-up' table menus to leaflet style take-away menus. Menu cards on the other hand can be used at individual place settings or as framed display elements on each table.


A brochure is a simple method to advertise your company's products or services, a well thought out brochure can be a self-contained marketing campaign. Rather than having multiple individual marketing items, a single, multi page brochure can say everything you need to say in one creative package.


Professional Flyers are an inexpensive way to make a big impact at trade shows or your own events. Easily distributed wherever you go. A Flyer is one of the finest promotional tools to improve your company’s exposure, with a quick, light-info creative layout.

Labels & Stickers / Product Packaging

For a high selling product, packaging design is vital. Whether its a label and sticker, or entire package design, your product will grab more attention if it's eye catching and attractive. Any size, and shape, we can help your product stand out on the shelf.