We Build your Website so you can Manage it

CMS stands for Content Management System. This means that the clients have control over their website's content and structure, allowing them to update their own website without the need to hire a developer.

We work with popular CMS frameworks, such a Joomla!, Wordpress, and Drupal, along with E-Commerce engines such as Magento, and Zen Cart. Whatever your website needs, one of these frameworks is guaranteed to have what you need.

CMS comes with Benefits

Working with popular frameworks such as these has the benefits of being part of a very large development community which actively build extensions and components, and the framework its self is always up-to-date with the latest features, technologies and security.

These Content Management Systems all feature a very easy to use Administrator backend, where you have full control over your website's navigation, pages, widgets and plugins. Joomla! for example, is very good at customization, where not only do you have complete control over your website content, but you also have the ability to place 'modules' anywhere on your page, opening a whole world of customizing opportunities.

Growing with you

Building your brand new website on one of these frameworks can start off small and simple, perfect for the start-up business. Then, as your business grows so can your website, by building on top of it and expanding over time.

Most of our clients don't even need a full tutorial, it's just that easy

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