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Graphic Design

Restaurant Menu

CR8VE designs are able to produce any type of menu for restaurants, cafes, bistros and hotels, from large 'stand-up' table menus to leaflet style take-away menus, in any stock and colour scheme you require. This product tends to be very unique. Menu cards can be used at individual place settings or as framed display elements on each table. Custom menus are a perfect way to showcase your individuality and style.


Get Stunning designs for product catalogue / Corporate brochure!

A brochure is an exclusive and simple method to advertise your company's products or services. A well thought out brochure can be a self-contained marketing campaign to attract new customers.

A brochure allows you to provide a great deal of information which cannot always be achieved with a magnet, postcard, or even a flyer. We can design stunning and visually appealing corporate brochures that can be used to convey information about your company and enable it to increase its exposure. We can design a brochure of any shape or size with beauty and sense congealed into the captivating design!

CR8VE Designs offer two custom sizes for brochures - A3 and A4 with different types of folds to suit individual requirements.


Professional Flyers are an inexpensive way to make a big impact at trade shows or your own events. They can be distributed wherever you go – pin them to the bulletin boards at the library, bookstore, or hand-out out at networking events

A Flyer is one of the finest promotional tools to improve your company’s exposure. It is an impact-full way to showcase your business, services and products to prospective clients. Our effective Flyers designs are perfect for direct mailings, hand-outs, sales calls, leave behinds, point-of-purchase, follow-up responses and welcome package inclusions.

An attractive Flyer design can bring profitable results to your company. We can create product flyers, educational flyers, welcome flyers, promotional flyers, informational flyers, sales and services flyers, event flyers and fund-raising flyers.

CR8VE designs offers 2 custom sizes for Flyers –A4/legal and A5 to suit individual requirement.

Labels & Stickers

For a high selling product, label and sticker design is everything. CR8VE offers label and sticker designs that would help you sell your product. Our designs are attractive and can be in whatever shape you require. Our intrinsic designs will help sell your product and create brand identity.

Product Packaging

CR8VE offers premium quality package design services, ensuring the best possible return on your creative investment.

Our creative package designers and production resources provide you with superior service and value. Our designers’ offer you package and display design ideas that will grab the shopper's attention and motivate the customer to buy your products.

Through dynamic package design graphics and meaningful colours, we create brand identity and packaging ideas that clearly identify your product and make an impact.